Who we are

Firefly Edtech Solutions is an education technology (EdTech) company that provides affordable on-demand automated assessment solutions to learners and teachers at every level so that they can track progress towards their desired future.

Our mission

To promote holistic and accurate assessments that guide the students along their learning journeys. Assessments serve as critical checkpoints that enable learners, teachers and parents to ascertain how well or poorly learners are faring towards the ultimate goal of securing their future.


Why Focus on Classroom Assessment

Effective teaching involves strategic questioning to engage students, assess understanding, and foster critical thinking. By planning thought-provoking questions, using a mix of open and closed formats, and considering Bloom’s Taxonomy, teachers can enhance learning and promote student self-efficacy.

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Assessment Software

ntemata is an e-assessment solution that transforms teachers and learners’ experiences in classrooms, by simplifying assessment processes. It increases teacher’s instructional time, teacher-student engagement time, real-time feedback, and eases data analysis of student performance and progress.